Connect with Arts

CONNECT-ARTE is a Gallery and collection of picture,art and exhibitions. This website focuses in promoting art as way of life. There is a saying the  expression of feelings can be shown in art and illustration well that is cliche but we can also express almost everything through arts like our brands, markets and promoting good advocacy.



Artistic way to produce out of scratch is a way to make a legacy. Legacy that is not only for children but a legacy that will last as long as the masterpiece you create last for a lifetime. Let’s say the likes of Michael Angelo, Leonardo Da Vinci , William Shakespear and so on and so fort. Why do you think that even though they have live in this earth several centuries ago and yet their name still continue to live? It is because of there works such as the Statue of David, Mona Lisa and Romeo and Juliet still are standard and  basis of arts.

Legacy will go on and on. Even if you already spare your life but your works go on and continue. You might be somewhere else smiling and chuckling and proud of yourself.
Life is self is art. You yourself was a creation of the Being in the higher dimension. As you yourself was a product of art you must produce an art yourself that will become a long lasting legacy in the human race and make history proud before you.