We are

The CONNECT-ARTE Gallery delivers exhibitions of historical, and contemporary art. Exhibitions are developed in house by Gallery staff with the balance being a mix of touring exhibitions from other institutions and artist projects.



A range of education and visitor programmes are developed around the exhibitions to enhance our visitors’ experience.

Education is a key focus for CONNECT-ARTE Gallery. Our education staff tailor programmes to make use of the current exhibitions and align them with the national education curriculum. See our detail section for further information.

Visitor programmes include debates, floor talks, guided tours, seminars, screenings, performances and artist residencies. See our Events section for details.



The CONNECT-ARTE Gallery is recognized as a creative, vital force in the arts community with innovative programming, educational activities and exhibitions. If you enjoy and appreciate art and the role the Art Gallery plays as a leader in presenting art to the community, please consider making a gift to the Gallery. The Gallery maintains a vital presence in the community through the generosity of corporations, foundations and people like you. 

Your gift – whether it be volunteering, a donating or sponsoring – helps support, nurture and encourage the continued growth of the Art Gallery. On behalf of the many who are enriched by the art experience, thank you for your support to the Gallery.