List of Top Short Stories

Stories are alive in children’s mind. It is one of the first step of a child to learn and have realization on her own. They like the bed time short stories very much. When they have a favourite even though you read to them every night and again and again they will not get bored. As they already have their own imagination and realization, they want to feel and savor that always. Their dreams and their small world can be occupied by characters they admire in the stories.

Up until the time they grow more and forget all about bed time stories. But when they go to school we cannot avoid to be reminded of the stories we listened as there is a lesson about short stories. We come to encounter more short stories that we had not heard before and become interested in them there are the famous short stories that have existed for centuries and have been part of the curriculum for how many years. It has been taught and will be taught to students.

The short stories create impact to the readers even though it is not that lengthy but it is filled with enough words to arouse reader’s interest. Then what are the top short stories? Have you listen about The Gift of the Magi, The Little Match Girl, To Build a Fire and An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge. I know of someone who is an operator that reads to his child every Friday night.

Art Impact to Students

Art affects each of every person in different ways. There are those who are naturally drawn to arts and they want to do works of arts. Even though it is just a small work they just continually do like drawing in small papers, napkins or in notebooks. Others have different field of art like singing or dancing. They are the ones to seem more popular and many competitions are being held from around the globe whether small competition or national.

Students who are exposed to these kinds of arts have different reactions and emotions also to deal with. Many students have talents and some do not show them unless pushed or encourage by someone. Students have rigorous life in school. But how can art help them? We know that arts can heal a wounded heart and a battered soul. They were portrayed in movies. This is true stories or created by the writer’s imagination but we can clearly have understanding of how arts affect students.

It is a way of expressing themselves. Sometimes those who perform poorly academically excel very well in artworks. By encouraging they do artworks they also can improve their self esteem and can do more academically as well. Sometimes as other schools put more focus on academic results these students who excel in art cannot show or express themselves. But when they grow older they can finally find their passion. They can realize that they can be in field or fashion.

Works of Arts: Healing a Wounded Soul

This world was created perfectly for us human beings. In accordance to the study, all the earths characteristic, position, size, gravity in it, and every other factor was perfect for people to live. Even if the slightest of its characteristic will change, the earth is in a dangerous situation. Example is if the earth move a little closer to the sun it will create enormous change and cannot even survive. Like this, the earth was created not by human but by a higher being who manages all of what is happening in this earth.

But why does human beings who are being taken care of in this earth to live experienced so much pain and agony? No one can avoid and escape this suffering as it affects people with different social status. While we have this question, an answer have already existed and proven to be true. Through the works of arts we can be healed of our wounded soul.

There are those people who have hardships but they express it through arts. Some to painting, singing, ballet, drawing, writing, or composing.

Arts have a wide variety and you can choose what is best for you to help ease and release your stress. If music helps you can go and watch orchestra performance. Some organizations who have this talent uses it to help other people by performing and donating it to charity. One company in Korea let their employees attend one. It gives an uplifting spirits to their workers.

Our Values Affected by Arts and Culture

Culture are traditions and practices of people in one place that have originated from forefathers until this generation. Though it has some changes and twist it has the same root and purpose. It has sometimes benefited people but there are times it became their downfall. Because of our culture our values was also patterned there. It was interconnected and similar to each other. We tend to do something and make decision based on our tradition. Example we prefer to go home on holidays rather than travel to some place.

It is because of our tradition to visit our parents on holidays and vacation. Arts and culture become contemporary then become past until ancient. But its effect still lasts for quite some time. Even though financial status of people in one place improved but they have still their traditions that now become their values. It is normal for them because they have been used to it though it is not for other people. The best way to understand other people’s values is to know and understand their culture.


It is not just by the influence of culture but also of arts. The way you express yourself can be an art. So the way people act and sing and dance is normal to them. But to other people it is not and they wonder why. But that mind set and actions you have is normal to you as you grow up with it. It is surprising that at a 會議桌 someone can share their art.


Nature as a Subject of Art

Natures benefit has covered every aspect of our life. Our emotional, spiritual, social, and mental status while we live on this earth. Though it cannot be seen but it can be felt. How we miss the times where we can play in the mud, in the fields, take a bath in the rivers or in our man made pools, run through the forest, find flowers and wild berries to eat. From birth to death it has uplifted our spirits. When we receive flowers during graduation day.

When we toss it on during wedding day, or when we plant it in the pot while we visit our parents. It such a gift from the creator who wants to comfort humans living this dark and dreary world. If we can just spend our time with nature and live comfortably. How blissful and good it would be.

Understanding this need of people, art has the same purpose. To display the heart and mind of the artists through their works of art inculcating natures love.

Are you craving for a delicious food that will save your budget? There is a famous Asian restaurant located in China wherein you can spend your money for just a low price, take a peek at their website here – 推薦外燴 . And oh, by the way their website is in Asian character as you can see. Where the eye can see it, the mind has conceived great emotions that do not come out normally. When was the last time you feel so moved and touched by an artist’s work? Long time ago? Today? It is a priceless reward they can get. It’s not worthy of these pieces of arts!

How can you connect with arts?

Peoples appreciation of art varies and it can also depend with age and gender. Their are those who from birth have interests in arts and have shown it by displaying their talents. Some in literary, in dancing or singing, or in art pieces like painting or drawing. Many children have shown great works of arts even at a young age. We can watch trough the net and news that a tree year old child can sing very good or one can dance with her gracious body.


They even have children competitions involving singing and dancing. Some work of arts are easy to learn but some field requires more learning and practice. Whatever field it is it is very beautiful to be part of it. Artists have already connected with arts as their love and passion. How about you? What do you feel about arts? Are you an enthusiasts? Many people have different perspective to it and even some parents do not want their children to focus on it.

Rather they want them to study well so that they can have a stable job and be financially steady.  But art in itself has the most advantage effect not just on the artists but on the people who see it. Rewards artists can get naturally with the best artwork in their life. We are naturally drawn to an artwork that can touch our heart through plating processes.This is the way where we can showcase our skill and talent in plating.

The Effect of Teaching Art to Young Children

Young children are very innocent and their mind is like a sponge that absorbs anything. There are children whose minds develop faster than normal speed. They can learn to count at a very young age of two or sing at the age of three memorizing it in their brains. They tend to be more active and react to what they see and ask many questions. Teaching art to them at young age has the positive effect as they can learn discipline at early age and patience.



To complete something you need effort and time to focus on it. It then helps their brain to develop more and also their emotional, mental and social state. Parents are the great examples and teachers of their child. A talent or hobby of the parents can be imitated and inherited by their children. So you can see children having the same favorite song with their dad or mom. Or they have the same interests in painting as their mom has.

Children who were taught by their parents themselves have more confident and feels they have the biggest fan and supporter in the whole world. By teaching children to learn to cut letters with scissors greatly improved their motor skills, language development, decision making and visual learning. With this activity alone you can understand how other artworks can help in child development and growth. parents sometimes apply for private loans to ensure their child continuous training.

Works of Arts Discovered by Excavation

Work of arts have formed part of many people lives. There are those who were born with talents of arts like painting or singing or entertaining. They grow and honed their talents and make it a wonder to themselves and to their followers or supporters. Though there are many artists and works they have done there are work of arts that are very famous and well protected and respected. It has more value than the others and treated more carefully. Their value also increases as time passes by.

To preserved and protect them some of the works of arts like paintings were duplicated. They are then displayed in museums or exhibits but the original are kept hidden in vaults or special places. Many of the paintings displayed in museums are like this as it is not easy to protect something that is in peoples’ reach. So it cannot be displayed in such a position for safety. As in entertainers they employ bodyguards to protect them from harm and wild fans.

Work of arts that have been discovered through excavation are very many. They were joyfully researched to determine its authenticity, origin, the artists behind it and many more factors that affects it. After that they will be displayed in museums that people can see. These works of arts that were discovered has different types that includes the cylinder of Cyrus that proves his achievement recorded in the Bible.

How did graphics impacts our today’s arts

Today, we don’t have to be like Da Vinci and Michael Angelo to make arts. We don’t have to use paint brush to make a big art into big billboards. Thanks to advances of technology and science now we can make good and quality arts. The good thing about this is we can even produce this kind of images in mass production while providing the quality is not lost.

Here are some of the biggest impacts of graphic designing.

  1. Billboards, big advertisement graphics design got that covered. Nowadays we also have big printing machines that can print graphics even though it is the size of a building. Take a look at some of Manila roads, they have more than hundreds of big billboards advertising their own brand.
  2. Magazine and publication
    People like contrasting, colorful and full of dynamic cover page. What is the best way to do that is through graphics. For evidence go to your nearest book store.
  3. T-shirt
    Do you wish to carry your masterpiece why not carry it out through your T-shirt. Many people nowadays becomes creative and put into T-shirt their designs.
  4. Printing Press
    This became a business in today’s age. People who owns one of course generates money doing online marketing like video editing and twitter blogging. Thanks to graphic designing.

Well the quality might not be the same with that of the arts of authentic painting nor do the price vary as the latter is expensive than the other. What matters is art is still form whether by hand or computer.



How to generate money through Graphic designing?

Money is game changer as they say it. People who love to  create artistic things can still earn while they do what they love the most. How about in the field of graphics? can we also earn. With this few tips we can have ideas how to generate money while doing the creative things.

  1. Print your art work in a T-shirt
    People needs T-shirt and are influence by their own stereotype. Here’s a tip if your a graphic designer. Advertise your work and team up with a printing press.

    Advertising your work can come in handy. Social media like facebook, twitter, pinterest and instagram are very easy to use. Just share and receive feed back soon.
  2. Magazine Covers
    As you can see, magazines are produced in montly, daily and yearly basis. And a good front cover and contents are usually indemand. If your good enough enter through magazine companies and make the best out of your potential.
  3. Marketing
    People who are involve in business needs a good graphic designers as they continuously compete in any means. That’s why more work more demand of money could be put into your pocket.

These basic things can help you generate a load cash of money through graphic designing. There are a lot more there to generate money through graphics such as making logo, printing images in a cup, making websites cover pages and logo. There are bunch of things to do as graphic designer and if you wish to become one. I advise you start learning some graphic software now.