Why arts?

People by human nature is influenced by the environment that we live in. For an instance the ancient people like the Greeks. Weren’t they influence for what place they were in? If they were in Sparta they become great warrior and if they were in Athens they produced good and better philosphers. Like this we are influence by our surrounding and environment. The question is why should we be influenced by arts?

People nowadays travel and find vacation to find places which have creative stuffs. For an instance many catholics visit places like the vatican city to visit the places were the works of MichaelAngelo and many renaissance artist still resounds. Though there works lasted for several centuries to this date it still a work with its masterpiece. Even to this day our modern painters and art literate are still no match to people like Da Vinci and Michael Angelo that is because of their great masterpiece.

So why Art?

Art is the best way to express our feelings as they said it. So when we do it we actually work the best of our skill. Arts can actually bring out the best out of us. We feel creative and find way to be unique to others. It increases our motor to be even better. And whenever we make an art we feel a satisfaction at the end of the day.

So if you want to be the next big thing in the world of amazing art and become the  next big  Leonardo or MichaelAngelo start drafting now there are many art form you can create today. With the help of technology art can become 3D through graphics etc.