A picture is worth a thousand words. Well we have to prove that. Here are some images and arts you’d appreciate with more than words.

  • Today, we can produce art even on computer.
    Digital art Landscape ,trees artwork  and moon moonlight

    • Illusion Painting
      Who can you see or should I say what can you see
    • Statue
      Joan of Ark, a Strong woman who really helped fight for freedom. He was killed and burned alive because the Catholic church she was a witch.
    • Paintings inside a commercial building painted by MichaelAngelo. This image was built in 4 years having rivalry Leonardo Da vinci painting the Mona Lisa. This image is well known even up to this day as this masterpiece is still in its place.

    • Ancient Arts too have there own arts part of our history. Ancient Greeks are known for there sophisticated statue portraying there gods and people.

    • Dolphin in a bottle, free form of art.
    • Australia’s random street art. Can’t keep the Aussie’s from being creative.
    • Australia’s 3D art work in floor. This kind of art is rapidly increasing in many various places nowadays.

      Through the various arts that we have seen. It already worth a thousand. In today’s age creating art can come handy through graphic designing and sophisticated cameras but that will not end the classical, authentic and handmade art of each God given talent.
      Truly art is amazing!
      Here are some more of images put into video.