Types of Arts

There are many ways to get our mind creative. That’s human nature. From stones to hammer. To horse to Porsche and Polo. Really human’s are that creative. Then what are the types of art can be created in our today’s age.
Here are some:

  1. Painting and sketching
    People likes to sketch given a ballpen and a paper, people always like to sketch even there is teacher in class.
  2. Graphic design through software like Photoshop, Powtoon, even Microsoft office.
    Nowadays, people who want to put their masterpiece in T-shirts conducts their creativity with the use of advance today’s technology.
  3. Sculpture
    Epic statue of liberty? How about the works of Michael Angelo and Donatello. This fine art can make stones alive with the use of hammer and chisel. Unfortunately some of it are being used for wrong worship.
  4. Literature
    Arts are just not made through paintings. One can also express through letters and poem just ask William Shakespear and his buddy Edgar Allan Poe.
  5. Graffiti
    If Lebron James took his talent in south beach, florida. Some take their talent to the streets. Not like street performers but wall artist performers. There art sometimes are bout their feelings regarding the government or just bunch of stuffs that come in their
  6. Songs
    From poems to with music. Yes it can be expressed in music too.
  7. Abstract
    I can’t say much or should I say I can say much. Neither do I can define what abstract is. Surely it is abstract undefined.